Saturday, November 27, 2010


Several interesting Zombie things of note this week, starting with an MTV Zombie TV report entitled "What Happens at 'The Walking Dead' Zombie School." It's an interesting look at what the extras had o go through in order to appear on the massive AMC hit. And there'll be more about "The Walking Dead" in a bit...

In Zombie News, now that holiday shopping is in full swing swing, the CTPost had this article about a special gift for under your favorite Zombiephile's tree. Uncle P has actually bought zombie presents for two of his favorite Zombiephiles, but since they both read this blog (or at least they tell me they do), I can't reveal what they are or they are for, though I know they know who they are... (suddenly this has become the Ralph Kramden Zombie Zone). And the New York Times opinion page recently ran this column about the recent proliferation of everything Zombie. While the author says she doesn't think there can actually viable plotlines involving the Zombie Apocalypse, she fails to realize that zombie stories (good ones, at least) are really about the living people who are trying to survive amidst the worst possible of conditions.

And almost finally, in the new (though probably one-time) category of Zombie Sports, the Columbia, MO Daily Tribune asks: "Are Zombies Any Good at Football?" I'm guessing the answer is "no." That's probably because zombies are far more interesting in eating their opponents than in scoring touchdowns.

This week's Zombie Clip of the Week is sort of a cheat. Since I recap and review each episode of "The Walking Dead" over at Caliban's Revenge every Monday, I usually save these "sneak-peek" clips for then, but I thought I'd share early... After all, we know what's going to happen to poor Amy, even if Andrea is in deep denial about it:

More rising from the dead, soon.

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