Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kiss Mah Braaaaiiiinnnss!

Not a whole lot to talk about this week. The only big Zombie project at ComiCon was "The Walking Dead," but we'll get to that, later.

Since I got some new ink of my own last week I thought it might be appropriate to start this week's post with a bit of Zombie Ink.

Her name tag says "Flo," so I'm guessing this is a Polly Holliday Zombie Tattoo (though I don't think that's Mel's head on her platter -- though maybe it should be Mel's).

Actually, the art's not bad, though nothing Uncle P would get. The weird spiral and the tatt's general style remind me of the horror comics I grew up reading as a kid -- Creepy; Eerie; Vampirella...

Their stories' surprise endings were often illustrated with a psychedelic, swirling background in the final panel, I suppose to further enhance the terror (though how, I'm not quite sure...).

I know I said this was going to be a short post, but really, this next Zombie TV item is the only other thing I have this week.

Below is a bootleg (one of many online) of the trailer for Frank Darabont's AMC series "The Walking Dead." I slogged through about 15 of these to find the best quality, and it's still crappy. Still - it appears as though AMC is letting Darabont do it right...

So here is your Zombie Clip of the Week:

I have very high hopes for this series and will be recording and dissecting it both here and on Caliban's Revenge.

Hopefully, there will be more next week.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

News, Fashion, TV & Film - Suddenly I'm the Zombie Access Hollywood

Ah, Angelina Zombie... my straight readers are all lusting after you, even in your undead form. Come to think of it, Angelina would probably make a kick-ass zombie. Imagine a face-off between Angelina Zombie and Milla Jovovich's Alice. There's an entire 90 minute fight sequence that straight boys would line up to see again and again... Wow -- I'd better register that, or something.

So, I've been away from actually posting here on the Zone, and some of what I have to talk about this week is probably old news for many of you. Still, I've been gathering it for 2 weeks and have a few things to say about each of the items below, so let's get started, shall we?

First, in Zombie News there's this ridiculous story from my favorite defunct tabloid, The Weekly World News, now available only on line. Anyway, the story is reputed to be from Miami, where a Haitian immigrant has supposedly filed a suit against the US Government for denying him Social Security benefits because he is a zombie. Puh-lease... Isn't collecting a dead person's SSI money illegal?

And here's a photo gallery from Sacramento's Zombie Walk 2010, which took place on July 10th. It looks like a fine time was had by all...

This week in Zombie Fashion, Threadless has produced yet another fabulous Zombie T-Shirt design with this amazing "Zombies in Wonderland" T, which Uncle P is loving like a son... Of course, as a birthday present from my dear friend Megan, I got this "In Case of Zombies" T, which I love and wear proudly...

Then in Zombie Nonsense, there was the Cheezburger Networks' site "Wedinator," which posted a hilarious picture of a Russian Zombie Wedding, which I suppose is no stranger than a Clown Wedding or any other Weird Wedding...

In Zombie TV, it's ComiCon 2010 and the good folks at AMC had a panel there to talk about their highly anticipated adaptation of The Walking Dead. You can read all about it here.

And in Zombie Film news, Brad Pitt is reportedly both producing and acting in the film version of Max Brooks' novel World War Z. I wasn't particularly thrilled by Brooks' novel. I thought it was just a little too all-over-the-place, if you know what I mean, though I know there are many fans out there. I enjoyed Brooks' tongue-in-cheek Zombie Survival Guide, but thought the lack of a single narrative structure hurt WWZ. I can't imagine what a film version of it would look like...

And finally, the Zombie Clip of the Week, episode 4 of Zombie College:

Mmmm... Ear Jerky!

More high SAT scores... uh... I mean more skin-chewing, soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We Appreciate Your Patience

Okay - it's Uncle Prospero's Birthday Week and I have to get up early to catch a train. Several of my dearest friend are joining at me at Coney Island, a classic Brooklyn attraction to which Yours Truly has never been.

So, I promise an extra special big post later this week. Really.

What? Yes, I know what I said. Sh*t happens, you know?

I'm sorry? Yes, I know that last week I said "not before Monday or Tuesday." I wasn't lying.

Seriously? Come on, don't be like that. Have I ever lied to you before? Really? When, exactly?

No, I think you're not remembering correctly. Trust me, this will happen. Just not tonight.

Don't look at me like that. No, please. I said "don't."

Okay, fine. One thing, but that's it. I have to go to bed.

Here's your Zombie Clip of the Week, Universal Dead - Episode 3:

I promise you several skulls chock full of brainy goodness, very soon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Please Stand By

We're having technical difficulties...

A weird connection, a keystroke error or some other Internet gremlin kept me from posting last night.

Thankfully, I copied and saved most of it to a word file, so reconstruction should be rather simple, but won't be until at least Monday or Tuesday.

Your patience is requested and my apologies are offered.

I promise there's some good stuff in the upcoming post, including a brand new zombie label!

And check out Caliban's Revenge, where I'm celebrating that blog's 2nd Anniversary all week!

More Manwiches, soon.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Ghoul Old Days

There isn't a whole lot of Zombie stuff to talk about this week, but since it's the 4th of July weekend, I thought some political zombieism was appropriate this week. That having been said, here's some Zombie Politics:

The first year that Uncle P was allowed to vote, the race was between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. As young gay Democrat, I was horrified when the ancient Republican from California won and was sure we were headed for nuclear annihilation. Thankfully, I was wrong, and Reagan actually managed to facilitate the end the Cold War. Reagan may have been "The Great Communicator," but his economic policies were often hard to swallow.

I was a college student working in retail (about the most zombie-riffic industry there is, outside of accounting) at the time Ronnie was in office and making just above minimum wage, so I may be just a bit biased when talking about his administration...

From The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, comes this 2009 clip about a resurrected Reagan, running for POTUS:

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP

Hmmmm.... is it me, or do you have deja vu, as well?

Since there's so little Zombie News to report this week, here's a hilarious little video from Hulu that more than qualifies as Zombie Nonsense. Please enjoy this week's Zombie Clip of the Week, Jim Henson's Resident Evil 5:

Here's hoping none of you Zombiephiles end up missing digits this weekend.

Hopefully, next week will be a bit more exciting.

More Zombie Althistory, soon.