Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Very Zombie Christmas

Well, it's that time of year again. Uncle P has been very busy gathering brains, guts and limbs for all the zombies on his list. Whew! I'm exhausted. So let's get started, shall we?

In Zombie Films, via CNN comes this story about a new Cuban zombie comedy Juan of the Dead. I doubt we'll ever get to see it here the U.S., though I hope I'm wrong. It looks like it could be hilarious.

In Zombie Nonsense, via Boing Boing, comes this not-so-helpful Zombie Survival Graph at Meme Base.

And even though AMC's "The Walking Dead" is over until next fall, they keep posting all sorts of Zombie TV content in an effort to keep their hungry fans sated. Here's there most recent post: "More Online Zombie Content Than You Can Shake a Dismembered Limb At." Of course, no one was more thrilled to learn that "The Walking Dead" has received a Golden Globe nomination for Best TV Drama. It has a snowball's chance in hell of winning, but how cool is it that the Foreign Press Association thought highly enough of the short season freshman to nominate it. It certainly bodes well for ensuring more (and longer) seasons of the Best New Show of the Year.

And since we're already talking about "The Walking Dead," this week's Zombie Clip of the Week is this amazing clip (via), featuring every zombie kill in "The Walking Dead" in 69 seconds:

But wait! There's More! Next Saturday is Christmas and there will be no Zone post. So, to hold you over until the New Year, here's a special re-post from last December. Consider it Uncle P's gift to you...

A Zombie Poem by Prospero:

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the town,
Not a zombie was stirring; they'd all been gunned down.
The corpses were burned in the chimney with care;
The stench of their rot was soon filling the air.
The living were nestled all snug in their beds,
Hoping their brains were still safe in their heads.
And Ma with her Uzi and me with my gun,
Stood watch o'er the door, ready to run.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my seat to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash;
Tore down the nailed boards and threw up the sash.
The moon on the breast of the blood spattered snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to the terrors below.
When, what to my horrified eyes should appear,
But a miniature hearse and eight undead reindeer.
I had to move fast, I had to shoot quick;
Or else I'd fall victim to brain-hungry St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles, more zombies came;
Some of them neighbors, I knew them by name.
"There's Harvey and William; there's Barbara and Billy;
That's Carol and Sarah, well don't they look silly!"
They lurched toward the porch, they clawed at the wall;
Blast away, blast away! I shot at them all.
Still on toward the house, the zombies kept coming;
If Santa got in, we'd all soon be running.
Then like a nightmare, I heard on the roof
Scratching and moaning -- It's not zombie-proof!
As I drew in my head and was turning around,
Down the chimney a zombie came with a bound.
He was all dressed in rags, from his head to his foot
And his clothes were all covered in brains, blood and soot.
Another soon followed right on his back,
They shuffled on in, prepared to attack.
Their eyes were all milky, their cheeks sunken in;
Their lips were drawn back in a sardonic grin.
The hair on their heads was as stiff as dead straw;
Their fingers curled up into flesh-tearing claws.
The stump of an arm was clenched in one's teeth,
And the face of the other resembled ground beef.
They were greenish and pale, all rotten and smelly;
I shot one in the head; his brains turned to jelly.
Another soon followed, dressed like an elf.
I laughed when I saw it, in spite of myself.
It looked at me and twisted its head,
Filling my gut with a feeling of dread.
It spoke not a word, but went straight to its work,
Shambling and shuffling, all gnashing and jerks.
I pulled my trigger - Right in the nose!
He wanted to eat me, or worse, I suppose.
Ma sprang to my side, shot one and then whistled.
"Guess that'll keep him from chewing our gristle."
Once the zombies were dead, I turned off the light.
A Zombie Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

With my deepest apologies to Clement Moore...

Wishing you all a very Zombie Christmas!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sorry to disappoint the pervs who may have mistaken this post's title for a necrophilic reference.

This week in Zombie Art, the poster on your left is by artist Matt Busch, who re-imagined several iconic movie posters as zombie movies in this hilarious collection over at Buzzfeed's "Hollywood is Undead" collection. The posters include "Indiana Bones;" "Scary Potter" and "Toy Gory." Somehow, Uncle P can't help but think that "Cadavatar" would have been a much better (or at least more interesting) movie than the one it's parodying.

Of course, this week's sad Zombie TV news is the end of Season 1 of AMC's "The Walking Dead." But fear not. AMC has loads of Zombie content to keep you occupied until the series' next season. First, there's this interview with Emma Bell, who played the unfortunate Amy. And this interview with Laurie Holden (Amy's sister, Andrea) and finally this interview with Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane. I do so hate that we must wait 10 months for the next season, but take some solace in the fact that it will be 13 weeks long, rather than this season's paltry 6 episodes. And in an effort to keep their rabid fans happy, AMC has put up a ful page that that they call "More Online Zombie Content than You Can Shake a Dismembered Limb At."

In unsubstantiated Zombie Film news, word is out that the producers of Zombieland are on the hunt for a another celebrity cameo for the sequel, though I can't imagine who might top Bill Murray (though a zombified Stallone, Willis or Schwarzenegger would be awfully sweet). Who would you like to see in the sequel?

And in Zombie Music, the Internet Movie Database recently linked to this Tumblr post called "Zombie Rock," from Certain Songs.

And this week's Zombie Clip of the Week is from Toyota, of all companies, who aired this very clever commercial during episodes of "The Walking Dead:"

More skull crushing, soon.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Several interesting Zombie things of note this week, starting with an MTV Zombie TV report entitled "What Happens at 'The Walking Dead' Zombie School." It's an interesting look at what the extras had o go through in order to appear on the massive AMC hit. And there'll be more about "The Walking Dead" in a bit...

In Zombie News, now that holiday shopping is in full swing swing, the CTPost had this article about a special gift for under your favorite Zombiephile's tree. Uncle P has actually bought zombie presents for two of his favorite Zombiephiles, but since they both read this blog (or at least they tell me they do), I can't reveal what they are or they are for, though I know they know who they are... (suddenly this has become the Ralph Kramden Zombie Zone). And the New York Times opinion page recently ran this column about the recent proliferation of everything Zombie. While the author says she doesn't think there can actually viable plotlines involving the Zombie Apocalypse, she fails to realize that zombie stories (good ones, at least) are really about the living people who are trying to survive amidst the worst possible of conditions.

And almost finally, in the new (though probably one-time) category of Zombie Sports, the Columbia, MO Daily Tribune asks: "Are Zombies Any Good at Football?" I'm guessing the answer is "no." That's probably because zombies are far more interesting in eating their opponents than in scoring touchdowns.

This week's Zombie Clip of the Week is sort of a cheat. Since I recap and review each episode of "The Walking Dead" over at Caliban's Revenge every Monday, I usually save these "sneak-peek" clips for then, but I thought I'd share early... After all, we know what's going to happen to poor Amy, even if Andrea is in deep denial about it:

More rising from the dead, soon.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flash Flesh Feast

Uncle P has been a flashmob mood all week. Primarily because I am desperate to organize one to promote a JTMF or Shakespeare '70 event, but haven't been able to come up with an appropriate one.

Now, I love a really good and creative flashmob. The best ones are promotional, set up by advertising firms to promote a product, event or even a TV show. Though occasionally there will be a mad, senseless and just fun flashmob. Which is where the zombies come in.

Here the, are a few of Uncle P's favorite Zombie Flashmobs:

Italy, 2009:

San Francisco, 2006:

Denver, 2009:

New York, 2007:

There isn't a whole lot of Zombie stuff going on right now (except in Zombie TV on  AMC's "The Walking Dead") what with the Holidays upon us and all... But speaking of "The Walking Dead," AMC has this interview with cast member Sarah Wayne Callies who plays Lori on the show.

And the Zombie Clip of the Week is Episode 7 of "Zombie College:"

More meaningless brain eating, soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Please Do that Voodoo?

Let's start with a combination of Zombie Films and Zombie Science this week, shall we? That's the poster for documentarian Hamilton Morris' latest film Nzambi, which documents Morris' attempts to prove the work done 30 years earlier by Wade Davis in his book "The Serpent and the Rainbow" (which was later fictionalized in the underrated Wes Craven film of the same name). The always entertaining Zombiphiles at BoingBoing recently posted this interview with the filmmaker.

The interview led Uncle P to seek the film out and I have posted the first 9 minutes or so below. While Nzambi has almost nothing to do with the modern concept of the flesh-eating eating zombie created by George Romero in Night of the Living Dead, it's still a fascinating and intense look at a cultural phenomenon that is almost entirely limited to the culture of Haiti and the religion known as Voodoo.

Since we started with Zombie Science, let's continue and talk about this fascinating item to your right, "Effervescent Brain Salt." Sounds like some sort of zombie condiment, doesn't it? It is, of course, an old-timey headache cure along the lines of Alka Seltzer, but I bet it's delicious on braaaaiiiinnnnssss.... (also via)

The zombie-loving Sci-Fi geeks at i09 have this insightful article about a ship converted into a Zombie Safe House, complete with living, farming and storage decks, insuring years of survival on the ole Mississippi. The winner of Architect Southwest's "Zombie Safe House Competition" the SS Huckleberry was designed by Shea Michael Trahan.

io9 also provides us with a fairly comprehensive primer for The Walking Dead, the much-loved graphic novel which has now been adapted into a critically lauded Zombie TV series by cable channel AMC. And since we're talking about "The Walking Dead," AMC has this nifty little interview with actor and rat-lover Steven Yuen, who plays Glenn.

Of course, one should never confuse the AMC show with the 1936 Warner Brothers thriller of the same name, starring none other than Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff; about about a mad scientist who resurrects a man who was wrongfully executed for murder:

And since its been a while, this week's Zombie Clip of the Week is Episode 6 of "Zombie College:"

More very disturbing fantasies, soon.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Walking Dead, Mike White and a Chainsaw

That's a panel from Robert Kirkman's graphic novel The Walking Dead. As you all well know by now, AMC hs adapted Kirkman's work into an exceptionally graphic and well-produced TV series. The premiere aired last Sunday to AMC's highest ratings ever and proved that Horror has an audience on TV. So let's start with some Zombie TV, shall we?

The premiere episode, "Days Gone Bye" introduced the main character, a Georgia Sheriff's Deputy named Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) with marital problems who is shot in the line of duty. He awakens from a coma about a month later to find the world has changed for the worse. Everything he knows is gone, including his wife and son. Even worse, the dead walk and they want nothing more than to eat the living. My original review can be found here on Caliban's Revenge, but I watched it again today (man, do I love my DVR) and have some additional thoughts.

First, Frank Darabont is an obviously talented director who understands and appreciates genre story-telling, perhaps more than any director working today. One need only to watch his three Stephen King adaptations (The Shawshank Redemption; The Green Mile and The Mist) to know that. He is also a master at getting nearly point-perfect performances from his casts. No matter how outrageous the situation, the actors in his works make us believe them because they believe them, themselves (see Tom Hanks in The Green Mile and Marcia Gay Harden and Thomas Jane in The Mist). Finally, he is committed to conveying the humanity in the stories he tells. "The Walking Dead" isn't about a world over-run by flesh-devouring zombies. It's about the living and very human beings trying to make their way in such a world. As with his other genre works, Darabont understands this and uses it to his best advantage. We can see all the gore and grotesques in the world, but without real human reaction  to them,, they mean nothing. The confusion and fear on Rick's face as he picks his way through a field of corpses outside the hospital tell us more about him than a hundred exploding zombie heads ever could. And the abject grief in Morgan's eyes as he puts his wife's zombified head in the sight of his rifle is enough to bring tears to the most jaded of horror fans' eyes.

Of course, Darabont isn't afraid to creep us out - the scene where Morgan's zombie wife tries to open the door the house where they are hiding is as scary as any boogieman we might imagine in our closets or under our beds. And the sequence in which Rick finds himself surrounded by hundreds of zombies in downtown Atlanta is nothing less than heart-pounding. "The Walking Dead," while ostensibly a story about the Zombie Apocalypse, is actually a tale about the people trying to survive in a world turned upside-down by circumstances completely beyond their control. And that is why it works so well.

In Zombie Film news, it is being reported (via)  that Mike White (Chuck and Buck; Year of the Dog) has been offered to direct the film adaption of Seth Grahame-Smiths Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the zombified version of the Jane Austin classic.  And while Natalie Portman is reportedly no longer attached, Scarlett Johansson (Ironman II) is now reported to be in the running for the lead.

Finally, tonight's Zombie Clip of the Week, in which the zombie-killing claymation maid makes a welcome return:

More kids with chainsaws, soon.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is Zomboween

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, and because AMC's "The Walking Dead" premieres tonight, I thought I'd wait until after midnight to post this week's Zombie Zone entry.

And since I've already started talking about Zombie TV, this week's episode of NBC's quirky comedy "Community" was one of its best, ever even if Joel McHale kept his clothes on. Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) buys the school's Halloween Party food at an army surplus store, inadvertently buying an experimental form of rabies along with it, temporarily turning the entire student body in into bite-happy zombies. It was as near a perfect parody of Horror, Sci-Fi and Zombie movies as a half-hour sitcom could be. And even though Joel kept his clothes on, who knew Donald Glover had abs on which one could grate cheese?

My review of "The Walking Dead" will appear on Caliban's Revenge on Monday, but in the meantime you can read this article at New York Magazine. It has a tidbit or two we haven't already heard, though my fellow zombiphiles will appreciate it more than anyone else.

Also in Zombie TV, via Uncle P's sister comes this link to the WWE, which has zombified it's wrestlers for Halloween. And since I'm linking to otherwise non-zombified websites, Sears just moved up a major notch on my list, for having such a great sense of humor and Halloween spirit, by zombifying their website so cleverly. You can check it out here. Funny, hip and irreverent, it's the perfect way for the stodgy old retail veteran to attract young customers. I wouldn't be surprised to see more retailers do something similar next October.

Nominally in Zombie Toys, the brainiacs at BoingBoing have a link to a some Zombie Wound Stickers.Print 'em on sticker stock; cut 'em out and you have an instant Halloween costume (as long you don't sweat too much or have really oily skin, I suppose).And I am ashamed to admit that my favorite Zombie Toy, Teddy Z, did not take part in this very amusing short from BBC3:

And finally, because it's Halloween, here are several Zombie Clips of the Week:


More Apocalyptic speculation, soon.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ink, Art and Zombie Barbie

It's getting harder and harder to find interesting and funny zombie to share with you guys, so I may be posting every other week from now on.

Lets start with some Zombie Ink, shall we? To your left is a photo courtesy of i09, of a fan so enamored of Charlie Adlard's "The Walking Dead" art, that he's had panels reproduced as tattoos on his right leg. See, this is the right way to do a zombie tatt. This, would be the wrong way...

And speaking of "The Walking Dead," in Zombie TV news, the premiere of AMC's adaptation is just one week from tomorrow. It's only a six-episode starter season, but AMC has already announced a second season. Let's just hope we don't have to wait until October 2011 for it.

This week in Zombie Art, the always hilarious Helen Killer (AKA April Winchell) has posted and altered this lovely painting. Make sure you scroll down for the full effect.

And almost finally, in Zombie Toys, the brain-hungry crew over at BoingBoing posted a link on how to make your very own Halloween Zombie Barbie Garden. "Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow? With white spray-paint, a rat-tail comb and pretty maids all in a row?" And in Zombie Nonsense, there's this very amusing clip from College Humor; "Nazi Zombies."

And last, but not least, in a Zombie Nonsense cross-over, here's your Zombie Clip of the Week: "Lego City Zombie Infection."

Since next weekend is every Zombie's favorite holiday, I'll try to make sure I have plenty fun stuff to post.

More virus-induced cannibalism, soon.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Zombie World

 So much to cover after so long away, so let's get started, shall we? First up - a brand new label: Disney Zombies. Uncle P's sister (who celebrated her birthday, yesterday) lives in Florida and is a self-described 'Disney Dork.' She and her husband have super-duper season passes which give them access to just about everything in Disney World and they go often, spending a weekend here and there at different hotels and exploring all sorts of weird and wonderful things. 

On their most recent excursion, they played the Kim Possible* adventure game in Epcot. They were
given special passes and clues that took them all over the park, enabling them to activate different special things with special codes. At one point, they came upon the miniature clockwork in the picture above which when activated, turned the tiny people in the town square no zombies. Sis thought I would enjoy nothing better than this picture she snapped for me.

Somehow, I enjoy this Jesse (from Toy Story) sno-cone cup even more. I suppose it's because it encourages you to take huge bites out of Jesse's frozen, bloody brain. Yum!

Meanwhile, in Zombie Science, Sis also sent me a link to this story on AOL News about real Haitian zombies. It's nothing you probably haven't already read, but still an interesting article.

In Zombie Toys, Gore Galore (a Halloween prop and costume website), offers a line of My Pet Zombies, a series of fairly pricey 6" zombie figures that are fun to look at, even if you can't afford them. And if you can afford them, would you please buy a set for me?

And in Zombie Nonsense, the blog Three Years of Roses has a very funny piece on survival tips, called The Zombie Buddy System. Uncle P laughed out loud more than once. 

Let's not forget Zombie Fashion. The brain-hungry lunatics at BoingBoing recently featured a lovely pair of custom PF Flyers designed by tattooist Mark Lankin. Me likey!

And finally, in a combination of Zombie News and Zombie TV, The L.A. Times had a rather wonderful article about the show we're all drooling to see, AMC's "The Walking Dead," whose premiere is just a few weeks away on Halloween. And that was followed by the maniacs at i09 who posted these two new clips, which will serve as a dual Zombie Clip of the Week, since I was so bad and didn't post anything last week. First up is the latest trailer, followed by a behind-the-scenes interview with actor Jon Bernthal (late of ABC's "Eastwick"), who plays Shane. Enjoy!

If you haven't done so yet, check out my Shocktober series on horror directors over at Caliban's Revenge. I'll try not to be away so long again...

More rotten flesh, soon.

*P.S. "Kim Possible" is the creation of one of Uncle P's high school friends. I'm not bitter or jealous, though. Much...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Pregnant Pause

Please excuse the lack of a proper post this week. Uncle P has been in hard labor, giving birth to a play and really hasn't had time to post on either of his blogs, this week. If you only read the Zone and not the Revenge, then you don't know I have just directed a production of Caryl Churchill's 1982 dark 'dramedy,' Top Girls, with eight of the most extraordinarily gifted actresses he's ever had the pleasure and the privilege to direct. While Churchill's non-linear plotting and complicated, over-lapping dialog may not be to everyone's sensibilities, there is no doubt that the performances of these eight women are quite exceptional. If you are within driving distance of Central NJ, and you want to see some amazing acting in a decidedly unusual play, please come see it. We have four performances left, through October 2nd.

I have been gathering all sorts of Zombie Nonsense this week and we'll have plenty to gnaw on next week.

I will leave you with a Zombie Clip of the Week, though. Predating AMC's "The Walking Dead" by three years, here's a promo for "Lifeless," a zombie series that never played in the US (though I'm not sure of its origin, I would guess it's Canadian):

Lots more brains, next week.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We're Coming to Get You, Barbara!

Well, since there was no Zombie Zone post last week, I have tons to talk about this week.

In Zombie Films, there were two terrific articles recently (via) about classic two classics of the genre. 

First up, this article by Joe Kane at The Warp, about how casting Duane Jones as the lead in the George A. Romero's original Night of the Living Dead changed the whole timbre of the film. As written, Jones' character Ben was originally a redneck trucker, complete with grammatically poor dialog. Jones insisted that the character appear educated and used the dialog written, but adapted it to 'smarten' Ben up. It's most definitely worth reading and a fascinating look at how the genre came into being.

Then there is this terrific interview in the L.A. Times with Bruce Campbell (damn, he was - and still is - fine!) on how Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead not only launched his, but Raimi's careers. The article is just in time to mark the newly remastered Blu-Ray release of the original 1981 film. Campbell is funny and articulate and the interview is a very fun read.

This week in Zombie Fiction, there is a new trailer for the book "Night of the Living Trekkies" that is both hilarious and gross, and the perfect cross-over for geeks of all kinds (via):

Personally, Uncle P can't wait for the inevitable movie version.

This week in Zombie Science, a Japanese scientist has found a new use for lasers (via):

Of course, why a Japanese scientist was looking to use a laser in this way, remains a mystery to me.

Let's turn to Zombie Art, shall we? The zombie-loving freaks over at BoingBoing shared this amazing typographic poster of a zombie arm, made up of the titles of 978 Zombie Films. Uncle P wishes he had the wall space to buy a copy for himself...

Finally, this week's Zombie Clip of the Week combines Zombie Art, Zombie Films and advertising all in one. The video below is a promotion for the Madrid premiere of the most recent Resident Evil film and is loads of fun, even if it is right out of one of Uncle P's childhood nightmares:

Sleep well, my fellow Zomboids.

More rotten flesh, soon.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Post This Week

Out of respect and in memorium, there will be no Zombie Zone post on 9/11.

But be sure to visit next week.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Prospero's a Zombie

This may as well be a portrait of Uncle P this evening. I am VERY tired and have loads on my plate, what with a show opening in just three weeks or so... I actually considered not posting tonight, but I couldn't let you down. So, briefly:

In Zombie News, BoingBoing has this story about zombies getting tickets for running red lights. Zombies' legal woes do seem unending, of late.

In Zombie Films, it has been announced that S.G. Browne's novel "Breathers: A Zombies Lament" has been picked up for adaption, produced by Jennifer's Body scribe Diablo Cody and possibly starring Inception's Joseph Gordon Levitt (via). 

And in Zombie Fashion, Uncle P has found a wonderful store for all you fashion-conscious brain chompers, Sour Puss Clothing. If I were a young, obnoxious hipster (kind of like I was in the 80's), I'd be very excited to shop there.

And this weeks' Zombie Clip of the Week is (for those keeping count) Episode 5 of "Zombie College:"

Which begs the question, what does one call Zombie Suicide? Is it even suicide, at all? Too deep for me, in my personal zombified state...
More Brownie Cakes, soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golden Ghouls and Eat Me Pumps

Thank You for Eating My Friend

I'm going to start with some Zombie Art, an under-used label here on the Zone. The "quadratich" (yes, I may well have just made up a word and if catches on, I want credit, damnit!) above is from April Winchell's hilarious blog Regretsy. And I must give April credit for the caption, as well - it was her title for the post featuring  living-dead portraits of Sophia (Estelle Getty); Dorothy (Bea Arthur); Rose (Betty White) and Blanche (Rue McLanahan). Poor Betty White seems to have come through the worst for the wear, even though she's the only one who is still actually alive.

April's zombie lyrics to "Thank You for Being a Friend" are very funny and I just adore the little animation that one of Regretsy's regular readers made, imagining the ladies as finger-puppet zombies, complete with hilarious dialog.

I think $15.00 is an incredible bargain for four 5x7 prints and am actually considering buying a set for myself. I'd put them in my home office, somewhere I could glance at them for inspiration. Of course, Christmas isn't too far away to start thinking about...

In Zombie Fashion this week, thanks to If Shoes Could Kill, come these fabulous Zombie Pumps.
Perfect for a night on the town with your Goth boyfriend or a Zombie Pup Crawl, you'll be the envy of every brain-eating fashionista in the cemetery. They also have a an amazing pair of crucifix and garlic Vampire-Killing Pumps which I'm including as at least marginally connected in that both Zombies and Vampires are versions of the 'undead.' The shoes don't look very comfortable, though, even for a woman who is used to wearing heels.

How about some Zombie News, then eh? BoingBoing posted this story about a bunch of protester zombies who were wrongly arrested in Minneapolis two years. The four sued the city and initially lost, but filed an appeal. Rather than face a lengthy trial, the city of Minneapolis just settled the case for $165,000. That can buy a lot of clownwhite, kohl eyeliner and fake blood.

And this week's Zombie Clip of the Week is news report footage from Zack Snyder's excellent 2004 re-make of Dawn of the Dead:

I don't remember if all of this footage was used -- I'll have to go back and watch the movie again -- and I suspect some of it may be fan-made, though I could wrong. But it's fun!

More mindless consumerism... er, uh... I mean cannibalism, soon.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zombies on Crack?

Let's start with some Zombie Science this week, shall we?

When Uncle P was a kid, he thought Mad Magazine was the pinnacle of hilarity. I loved their goofy movie parodies, Spy vs. Spy and the last page fold-ins. As far as I know Mad is still being published. It's low-rent competitor Cracked, however, has gone the way of many ink-on-paper publications and now exists online, only. The guys who run the site are often vulgar, though occasionally funny. Even less occasionally, they run something that actually has some tenuous scientific merit. Such is the case with this article: 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail. Way to kill my Zombie buzz, Cracked. Assholes.

And the odd news aggregate site Weird Universe had a link to the video below, about a fungus that turns ants (and other insects) into zombies, of sorts. If you're a sympathetic entomologist (Uncle P dated an entomologist, once - he specialized in a very specific type of wasp, but more on that another time), you may want to avoid the very cool images of 'exploded' insect bodies towards the end of this clip:

This week in Zombie Films, Dread Central has posted this trailer for the upcoming South African Zombie flick The Dead:

The Dead - Official Trailer
Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

And then there's the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife, the first major release to employ the 3D camera system developed by James Cameron for Avatar.

Milla Jovovich returns as the genetically engineered zombie killer Alice in Paul W. S. Anderson's fourth entry in the video game-inspired franchise, though 'inspired' is hardly the word I'd use to describe these films. They can be entertaining, though they're hardly what anyone would call "good." Of course, compared to a directer like Uwe Boll, Anderson is a genius.

And since it's been a while since we've visited this series, your Zombie Clip of the Week is the next episode of Zombie College:

That's all the news that's fit to chew for this week. More grisly gristle chomping, soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat Brains Love

The hilarious poster on your right comes via the Sci-Fi, Steampunk, zombie-lovin' nerds over at Boing Boing. Uncle P would certainly see this movie over the one in which Julia Roberts is currently starring. I mean come on, the Queen of Rom-Coms for the past 30 years as a zombie? I'd pay double to see that movie. Pretty Zombie, anyone? Or how about Runaway Zombie? My Best Friend's Zombie? Zombie Hill? I know - Sleeping with the Living Dead! Any of these movies would be preferable to the treacly crap the very attractive star usually makes.

Sadly, there aren't very many major Zombie Films on the near horizon, unless you count Paul W.S. Anderson's upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife, the next wide release movie shot with the 3D cameras developed by James Cameron for Avatar.

Of course, next year we have Natalie Portman starring in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies from lunatic director David O. Russell (I Heart Hucakbees), based on the book adapted by Seth Grahame-Smith. 2012 is the scheduled release date for the film version of Max Brooks' novel (really a collection of related short stories) World War Z (a book Uncle P found to be actually quite boring) reportedly starring and co-produced by Brad Pitt.

And we have yet to see the U.S. release of Rec 2, the sequel to the Spanish zombie movie that was rather effectively re-made in the U.S. as Quarantine:

And While Rec 2 is a direct sequel to Rec, Quarantine 2: The Terminal (according to IMDb) takes place at an airport, during the same time as Quarantine. Latino hottie Ignacio Serricchio appears instead of Latino hottie Jay Hernandez, whose hot fireman character apparently died in Quarantine.

There are a few low-budget Indie zombie movies on the horizon, though they'll most likely play a festival or two and then go straight to DVD. Zombie Undead is one such film:

As is Dead EXIT:

Sadly, neither of those trailers make me want to spend the money to rent them.

And it seems that Zombie Pastries are all the rage of late. Uncle P's sister sent this link to an L.A. Times article about Brain Cakes. Mmmm... brain cakes!

Finally, here's your Zombie Clip of the Week; a very short and very silly bit of Zombie Nonsense appropriate of nothing, really:

Hopefully, I'll have something of a bit more substance to report the next we meet in the Zone...

More shambling, moaning and chomping soon.