Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad Vacations (Plus: An Announcement)

First, I have an announcement:

While I have decided not to shut down The Zombie Zone, it will no longer be a regularly scheduled blog. It's hard enough sometimes to come up with daily topics for Caliban's Revenge, but finding enough new topics for a Zombie Zone post every week, is just too much. 

I'll continue to post here and promise you'll read and see something at least twice a month. I can't guarantee that you won't already have heard about what I post two weeks before I actually post, but hey... I write the Zone for myself. I've always called it an experiment, and will continue to do so. Just not a weekly one. I'll also be moving my weekly "The Walking Dead" re-caps from Caliban's Revenge, to here, for its new season.

I hope you'll continue to stop by and have some fun once in a while. I know it's fun for me to write, when there's enough for me to write about... If you don't already, check out Caliban's Revenge. I'm there just about every day...

That having been said, let's get on with it, shall we?

I suppose this first item belongs in Zombie Nonsense. The adorable Zombie Teddy Bear on the right is there because of this article on The Zombie Research Society's website about Zombie Hibernation. I don't know, but I'm thinking its a stretch, at best. Sometimes the writers at ZRS just try too hard...

Meanwhile, in Zombie Science, The Huffington Post has this delightful article about the discovery of new species of Insect Zombie-Creating fungi. Pleasant dreams after watching this one, kids:

Just one more reason for Uncle P to despise mushrooms...

And last, though hardly least, this next piece serves dual function. Gotta love that!

First, in Zombie Games, the trailer for the new video game from IGN "Dead Island" (via) is rather amazing... and very very grim and apparently, somewhat controversial because while we've zombie children plenty of times, this is a story about a child who is a zombie victim. Told mostly in slo-mo reverse, it is some of the most amazing CG I've ever seen in a video game trailer. 

Second... the "Dead Island" trailer is also this week's Zombie Clip at the End of the Post. But I have to be honest - it is rather... intense. Watch in Full Screen mode (if you can) and watch all the way to the end for the fullest effect. Probably NSFW, due to violence and gore. Same for the young'uns... (when did I become a Hillbilly?). Enjoy:

Wow! Talk about a vacation in hell...

"Th-th-th-that's all, Ethyl!" (and 10 points to the first reader who can source that particular quote). Hang in there, Baby! 'cause I promise:

More Pseudo-Scientific Mumbo-Jumbo, soon.