Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Favorite Gift, So Far

A Zombie Toy:

This adorable little tyke is "Teddy Z" and he was made for Uncle Prospero by a dear friend and co-worker who has much too much time on her creative little hands. Teddy Z looks much better in real life (for example you can't really make out the bloody arm in his lap or "bits of flesh" stuck in his teeth or his different-sized eyes). Co-workers continue to mumble "There's something wrong with those two!"

Personally, we don't care what other folks think. We know we are perfectly normal zombie-lovers (as in people who love zombies, not zombies who are having zombie sex). Anyway, Teddy Z will have an honored space on a shelf in my home office... I just have to figure out where.

More gore, soon.


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