Saturday, November 21, 2009

Welcome to Prospero's Zombie Zone

Sure, it's all fun and games until someone gets eaten and turned into an undead cannibal. Or starts a second blog (I must be insane).

But, this is Uncle Prospero's special weekly blog. It's also special because it will be about one subject and one subject only. Have you guessed yet?

I'd say if you haven't by now, you either cannot read or you are not a regular reader of Caliban's Revenge and stumbled across the blog because of it's title, which should really be your biggest clue, anyway. Well, that and the still from this summer's best comedy, Zombieland. You can read my original review on Caliban's Revenge here.

Of course, if none of this makes any sense at all, you've stumbled upon this blog quite by accident, so a caveat to those who have never read my original blog:

Warning: This blog may contain footage and or stills from films featuring graphic violence and horrific images. And while I do not believe in censorship of any kind, this blog may not be suitable for children or those of a sensitive nature.

There will be fewer links (though you know I won't be able to resist a few) than on Caliban's Revenge. And I'll be waiting to see what my readership is like before adding tons of stuff to the dashboard. And no, this doesn't mean I'm going to stop talking about zombies on my original blog. But I'll probably do so a little less and channel most of it here (and I'm sure I'll link between the two all the time. Mostly, I just want to amuse myself and my fellow Zombie fans with stuff like this hilarious clip of the Zombies Doing Yoga flashmob:

Or this bit of insanity from zombies walking aboot up north:

If it's Zombie News or Zombie Nonsense, it'll be here every weekend (give or take -- I do actually have a life, believe it or not). I'll be talking about Zombie movies, books, events and the occasional video game and whatever other Undead flotsam and jetsam I come across.

Whether you are a new reader of Prospero's, or a regular follower of Caliban's Revenge, drop me a line, send me a link, slip me some ZG (Zombie Gossip). Oops! How'd that snark get in there?

More brains, soon.


  1. Good luck. I'm just finishing Z War before giving it to my nephew. I'm really enjoying it, especially the military stories, but and taking a long time to finish. It's a good read but since the war is over, it's not a compelling read.

  2. Hey, i just created a blog for people to discuss about zombies (what to do if there was an outbreak