Saturday, November 28, 2009

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If you were here last week, then welcome back. You may notice I've tweaked the blog a bit. If not, then welcome - you won't notice a single thing different this week. Actually, that's going to be one of my goals with this blog: to do something different or change something every week on The Zombie Zone.

First up this week, a bit of Zombie News.

From Men's Journal comes the story of American journalist Mischa Berlinksi and his efforts to rescue a young woman who was the victim of actual zombification (the Val Lewton kind, not the George Romero) while in Haiti in 2007. The article is a bit long, but fascinating. Personally I can't help but wonder if the woman even existed and the whole thing was all just a trick to swindle an American out of his money. Either way Berlinski's account would make a terrific movie. You can read the entire gripping article here.

In Zombie Films this week, comes an odd, hilarious and creepy short: Guns and Gardens - How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Part survival show, part zombie comedy and part home gardening advice, Guns and Gardens is a zombie film for the DIY set.* Enjoy:

You can visit the Guns and Gardens website for more info on PepZ. If anyone knows who's behind this film, please let me know.

Finally, in Zombie Nonsense, I've posted this faux trailer on Caliban's Revenge, but thought it worth repeating here, just because it's so damned funny. If we can't laugh at ourselves, we're doomed:

That's all for this week, Fans of the Living Dead. Uncle P has had a very eventful weekend and feels a little like a zombie, himself. I think I have the right ingredients... hmmm. I may have to settle for a vodka and tonic...

*Damn, there's that snark again. Of course, that's where I'd be looking, too.

More fresh flesh, soon.

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