Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'll Take Zombie Ink for Five Hundred

I know I posted a Zombie Waldo tatt before, and since this is the second of what I am sure will be many more, and since I'm finally about to get that gorgeous Pre-Columbian Yin/Yang tatt that I posted about on Caliban's Revenge, I starting a new label: Zombie Ink.

This is from the very amusing (if not always SFW) site, Ugliest Tattoos, as was the Zombie Waldo ink. The folks at UT have determined from the "Forever Young" banner and the Zombie's hairstyle, that this is a tattoo of a Rod Stewart Zombie. Isn't that redundant? I mean, let's face it, Rod's a bit long in tooth these days. Just look at this. It's a far cry from this, isn't it?

Rod never really did it for me, despite that ridiculous rumor about the soccer team. In the 80's, at the height of Rod's popularity, I was more about Adam Ant; Paul Young; Cory Hart; Billy Idol (I wanted to imbed that Zombie-filled video, but its been disabled) and Bruce Willis. But that's a bit off topic. I would never get a portrait tattoo of anyone, let alone anyone as a Zombie, as much I love them (Zombies, that is). Tattoos are all about expressing one's self, fairly publicly (usually). Good ink is a like any good art, something one is proud to display. The two I have (and the third I am getting) are tasteful and artistic expressions about who I am and the symbols important to me, and I will never regret them. This particular tattoo is something someone spent way too much money on, to regret in 30 years.

Tonight in Zombie Fiction:

i09 does it again with this post about a 'Star Trek' Zombie novel, ala Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Night of the Living Dead Trekkies concerns a group Star Trek fans who take on a horde of our favorite cannibals. Publishers Quirk Books have not announced a release date.

Finally, tonight's Zombie Clip of the Week:

I know I've talked about Survival of the Dead very recently, but I just saw this particular clip for the first time, today:

If nothing else, the Zombie kills in Romero's films get better and funnier in every film. Up until now, my favorite (even though it wasn't technically a kill), was using the defibrillator on the Zombie Nurse:

But using a flare, with the cigarette lighting, is even better. So what do you think, fellow Zombiephiles? Are you as excited to see Survival of the Dead as your Uncle P is? Have any Zombie-related anything you'd like to share? Want me to talk about a particular Zombie subject? Let me know. I always love to read your comments.

More rotting flesh tattooed onto flesh that's going to rot, soon.

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