Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ink, Pastries and Hooters

First tonight, a bit of Zombie Nonsense:

As both a lover of zombies and tattoos (I have two and want a third), I was actually almost appalled by this exceptionally bizarre Zombie Waldo tatt I found on Ugliest Tattoos, one of the non-zombie blogs I visit regularly. Now, I don't know if this actually qualifies as an ugly tattoo, but it's certainly a weird one. And weird is what we're all about here at the Zombie Zone. And of course, by 'we,' I mean me. It looks like this particular tattoo is a on a leg and I'd love to see what surrounds poor Waldo, who undoubtedly died while waiting to be found. And that wasn't cheap. All those colors meant many hours in the chair (or on the table) and plenty of bucks. And unlike many of the things on Ugliest Tattoos, it is rather well-executed. And I'm sure it must mean something to the person who spent all that time and money getting it done. Still... I find it rather ironic that someone put a picture of rotting flesh on their own flesh, which will inevitably become rotting flesh, itself. Circle of life (or should I say "Unlife?"), I guess.

Next, in Zombie Fiction:

Those aliens over at i09 have done it again, with these fun maps of Zombie Outbreaks Throughout Alternate History. With Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (and it's sister book, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters) being so popular, it's good to see so many other clever takes on Alternate History zombie fiction.

Originally, I wanted to call this section "Zombie Food," until I realized that meant "People." I guess it's probably best then to call it Zombie Pastries:

From comes this Zombie Cake. Perfect for the Un-Birthday Party of your favorite zombie lover, it comes complete with a marzipan zombie and raspberry braaaaiins. Or how about these Left 4 Dead Gingerbread Zombie Cookies over at Yummy!

And finally, in Zombie Music:

A Facebook friend, knowing my love of zombies and 80's music, posted this video of 80's One-Hit-Wonders, The Hooters (best known for writing the Cyndi Lauper hit "Time After Time"):

Ah, the 80's. Big hair, weird clothes and zombie songs. I miss them...

Until next time, stay hungry.

More rotting flesh, soon.

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  1. You've go to check this out - it's just a pic but you're gonna love it.