Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Games Zombies Play?

The last time Uncle P seriously played video games, they came on two, three or even four floppy discs and were little more than a series of puzzles to solve to get to the next level. By the time fighting games came out, I had moved on. The last arcade video game I can remember enjoying was "House of the Dead," which my sister and I played both in Florida and at the Jersey Shore on one of her rare visits home. I am almost ashamed to admit that I have a Wii system, still in its box (though on a shelf in the entertainment center) since Christmas of 2008... I am hopeless when it comes to electronics. Hell, I'm lucky I can figure out how to blog... Still, a new category is born: Zombie Games. The image above is from Capcom's DeadRising 2, due this August:

Worth Playing has their review, here. And while searching images for DeadRising 2, I came a curious little game from Destineer, called Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie Bar-B-Que, which seems to be about zombies ruining Red Riding Hood's Cookout, or something. It's an old game, but one that looks ridiculously complicated and therefore entirely uninteresting to Yours Truly.

Of course, Zombie Films are always interesting to me, even when major newspapers give them terrible reviews, as the Washington Post's Michael O'Sullivan gave Survival of the Dead, here. Brutal. While Romero's zombie movies have always been about so much more than gruesome effects, his earlier films are much better at conveying that. While I will defend Diary of the Dead as the best in the series since Dawn... (Come on - I dare you), nothing comes close to the social satire (and ground-breaking effects) as 1978's Dawn of the Dead. Personally, I can wait until it is OnDemand for $4.99.

And transitioning in to Zombie TV, there's this deceptively titled article from E!Online about zombies on one of Uncle P's favorite new shows. Zombies on "Glee?" Only if they're doing their own version of "Thriller" (which they should totally do). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see an entire MJ episode next season. And what the hell? Just for kicks...

And since we're already on TV, my Zombie Clip of the Week is the latest from AMC - a little behind-the-scenes footage from this coming October's "The Walking Dead." I give you, Zombie School:

Is it any wonder I'm going nuts over this series? If anyone can breathe new life (all puns intended) into the genre, it's Darabont. This clip actually gave me a 'zomb-on' (eeeewwwwww!!!).

More necrocannibalsim, soon.

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