Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Creepshow Must Go On....

That's Toronto-based band The Creepshow* in the photo above, which must mean tonight's post starts with some Zombie Music! I found The Creepshow in an odd way. I was looking for images of traditional Haitian zombies (there aren't many that don't look like horrible racial stereotypes), I came across a photo of this band, Voodoo Zombie, a Chilean psychobilly band. Intrigued by that rather startling photo, I searched for them on YouTube and came across the first video posted below for their song "Amor Psycho." Musically, it's okay and the zombies all seem to be having a mighty fine time. My chief complaint is with the vocals.

But a suggested video on that page led me to The Creepshow and their ", psycho punk rock 'n roll..." (via). This is a video for the song "Zombies Ate Her Brain," from their 2006 debut album "Sell Your Soul:"

I will definitely be checking out more from this very amusing band. The Creepshow's website is here.

Let's move on to a bit of Zombie Nonsense, shall we? Total Film has this story about Miss Zombie Queen UK. I wish there was a video of it, somewhere. I searched YouTube, Vimeo and Flcker...

And segueing ever so-smoothly into Zombie Films, Miss Zombie Queen UK coincides with the DVD release of the positively wretched-sounding (and looking) Zombie Women of Satan, whose very unappealing tag-line is: 'It really was the wrong time of the month!' Really? The trailer says it all...

Is it just me, or does that look painfully bad in non-ironic way? I've seen better acting in David Decoteau's homo-erotic vampire movies and better special effects in a Sid and Marty Krofft TV show.

Also in Zombie Films, is marking the release of Papa George's* 6th entry in his film Zombieverse, Survival of the Dead, with this well thought-out list of "10 Essential Zombie Movies." The list is interesting, though I would have made a few changes. Peter Jackson's outrageously over-the top Brain Dead/Dead Alive would have gotten a higher ranking, 28 Days Later, a slightly lower one and Lucio Fulchi's Zombi 2, with it's infamous Zombie vs. Shark scene, would not have made the list at all. For its sheer fun, I would have included Black Sheep, because it certainly fits the criteria, even if the zombies are sheep and the result of their bite is a were-sheep and for even more fun, I would have added Canadian director Andrew Currie's hilarious take on zombies and the coldwar, Fido. I would have replaced Romero's original version of The Crazies (an overrated, preachy and very talky picture) with last year's Zombieland and Dellamorte Dellamore with Evil Dead II, but that's just me.

Moving to some Zombie TV news, Rabid Doll shares the news that AMC has released a promo video for the their new series, "The Walking Dead," based on the very good comic of the same name. Directed by no less than one of few directors to make Stephen King *movies the way they should be made, Frank Darabont.*

Wow. I can't wait.

Almost finally, this week's Zombie Clip of the Week, Episode 2 of the web-based film, Universal Dead:

And I couldn't end without letting you know I finally decided on a title for my latest screenplay, formerly known under the working title, Redneck Zombie Nightmare. But I'm going to end on a tease and make you wait until the final draft is completed, before revealing the title.

*I'd rather like to think of all these King/Romero/Darabont references as synchronistic, as so many things in my life seem to be, but I suspect they are simply the result of of related information and have no other impact on anything other than this post. And there I go, getting all existential again. Uncle P needs to stop over-thinking, I think.

More unprocessed Soylent Green, soon.