Saturday, July 24, 2010

News, Fashion, TV & Film - Suddenly I'm the Zombie Access Hollywood

Ah, Angelina Zombie... my straight readers are all lusting after you, even in your undead form. Come to think of it, Angelina would probably make a kick-ass zombie. Imagine a face-off between Angelina Zombie and Milla Jovovich's Alice. There's an entire 90 minute fight sequence that straight boys would line up to see again and again... Wow -- I'd better register that, or something.

So, I've been away from actually posting here on the Zone, and some of what I have to talk about this week is probably old news for many of you. Still, I've been gathering it for 2 weeks and have a few things to say about each of the items below, so let's get started, shall we?

First, in Zombie News there's this ridiculous story from my favorite defunct tabloid, The Weekly World News, now available only on line. Anyway, the story is reputed to be from Miami, where a Haitian immigrant has supposedly filed a suit against the US Government for denying him Social Security benefits because he is a zombie. Puh-lease... Isn't collecting a dead person's SSI money illegal?

And here's a photo gallery from Sacramento's Zombie Walk 2010, which took place on July 10th. It looks like a fine time was had by all...

This week in Zombie Fashion, Threadless has produced yet another fabulous Zombie T-Shirt design with this amazing "Zombies in Wonderland" T, which Uncle P is loving like a son... Of course, as a birthday present from my dear friend Megan, I got this "In Case of Zombies" T, which I love and wear proudly...

Then in Zombie Nonsense, there was the Cheezburger Networks' site "Wedinator," which posted a hilarious picture of a Russian Zombie Wedding, which I suppose is no stranger than a Clown Wedding or any other Weird Wedding...

In Zombie TV, it's ComiCon 2010 and the good folks at AMC had a panel there to talk about their highly anticipated adaptation of The Walking Dead. You can read all about it here.

And in Zombie Film news, Brad Pitt is reportedly both producing and acting in the film version of Max Brooks' novel World War Z. I wasn't particularly thrilled by Brooks' novel. I thought it was just a little too all-over-the-place, if you know what I mean, though I know there are many fans out there. I enjoyed Brooks' tongue-in-cheek Zombie Survival Guide, but thought the lack of a single narrative structure hurt WWZ. I can't imagine what a film version of it would look like...

And finally, the Zombie Clip of the Week, episode 4 of Zombie College:

Mmmm... Ear Jerky!

More high SAT scores... uh... I mean more skin-chewing, soon.

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