Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kiss Mah Braaaaiiiinnnss!

Not a whole lot to talk about this week. The only big Zombie project at ComiCon was "The Walking Dead," but we'll get to that, later.

Since I got some new ink of my own last week I thought it might be appropriate to start this week's post with a bit of Zombie Ink.

Her name tag says "Flo," so I'm guessing this is a Polly Holliday Zombie Tattoo (though I don't think that's Mel's head on her platter -- though maybe it should be Mel's).

Actually, the art's not bad, though nothing Uncle P would get. The weird spiral and the tatt's general style remind me of the horror comics I grew up reading as a kid -- Creepy; Eerie; Vampirella...

Their stories' surprise endings were often illustrated with a psychedelic, swirling background in the final panel, I suppose to further enhance the terror (though how, I'm not quite sure...).

I know I said this was going to be a short post, but really, this next Zombie TV item is the only other thing I have this week.

Below is a bootleg (one of many online) of the trailer for Frank Darabont's AMC series "The Walking Dead." I slogged through about 15 of these to find the best quality, and it's still crappy. Still - it appears as though AMC is letting Darabont do it right...

So here is your Zombie Clip of the Week:

I have very high hopes for this series and will be recording and dissecting it both here and on Caliban's Revenge.

Hopefully, there will be more next week.

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