Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat Brains Love

The hilarious poster on your right comes via the Sci-Fi, Steampunk, zombie-lovin' nerds over at Boing Boing. Uncle P would certainly see this movie over the one in which Julia Roberts is currently starring. I mean come on, the Queen of Rom-Coms for the past 30 years as a zombie? I'd pay double to see that movie. Pretty Zombie, anyone? Or how about Runaway Zombie? My Best Friend's Zombie? Zombie Hill? I know - Sleeping with the Living Dead! Any of these movies would be preferable to the treacly crap the very attractive star usually makes.

Sadly, there aren't very many major Zombie Films on the near horizon, unless you count Paul W.S. Anderson's upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife, the next wide release movie shot with the 3D cameras developed by James Cameron for Avatar.

Of course, next year we have Natalie Portman starring in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies from lunatic director David O. Russell (I Heart Hucakbees), based on the book adapted by Seth Grahame-Smith. 2012 is the scheduled release date for the film version of Max Brooks' novel (really a collection of related short stories) World War Z (a book Uncle P found to be actually quite boring) reportedly starring and co-produced by Brad Pitt.

And we have yet to see the U.S. release of Rec 2, the sequel to the Spanish zombie movie that was rather effectively re-made in the U.S. as Quarantine:

And While Rec 2 is a direct sequel to Rec, Quarantine 2: The Terminal (according to IMDb) takes place at an airport, during the same time as Quarantine. Latino hottie Ignacio Serricchio appears instead of Latino hottie Jay Hernandez, whose hot fireman character apparently died in Quarantine.

There are a few low-budget Indie zombie movies on the horizon, though they'll most likely play a festival or two and then go straight to DVD. Zombie Undead is one such film:

As is Dead EXIT:

Sadly, neither of those trailers make me want to spend the money to rent them.

And it seems that Zombie Pastries are all the rage of late. Uncle P's sister sent this link to an L.A. Times article about Brain Cakes. Mmmm... brain cakes!

Finally, here's your Zombie Clip of the Week; a very short and very silly bit of Zombie Nonsense appropriate of nothing, really:

Hopefully, I'll have something of a bit more substance to report the next we meet in the Zone...

More shambling, moaning and chomping soon.

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