Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golden Ghouls and Eat Me Pumps

Thank You for Eating My Friend

I'm going to start with some Zombie Art, an under-used label here on the Zone. The "quadratich" (yes, I may well have just made up a word and if catches on, I want credit, damnit!) above is from April Winchell's hilarious blog Regretsy. And I must give April credit for the caption, as well - it was her title for the post featuring  living-dead portraits of Sophia (Estelle Getty); Dorothy (Bea Arthur); Rose (Betty White) and Blanche (Rue McLanahan). Poor Betty White seems to have come through the worst for the wear, even though she's the only one who is still actually alive.

April's zombie lyrics to "Thank You for Being a Friend" are very funny and I just adore the little animation that one of Regretsy's regular readers made, imagining the ladies as finger-puppet zombies, complete with hilarious dialog.

I think $15.00 is an incredible bargain for four 5x7 prints and am actually considering buying a set for myself. I'd put them in my home office, somewhere I could glance at them for inspiration. Of course, Christmas isn't too far away to start thinking about...

In Zombie Fashion this week, thanks to If Shoes Could Kill, come these fabulous Zombie Pumps.
Perfect for a night on the town with your Goth boyfriend or a Zombie Pup Crawl, you'll be the envy of every brain-eating fashionista in the cemetery. They also have a an amazing pair of crucifix and garlic Vampire-Killing Pumps which I'm including as at least marginally connected in that both Zombies and Vampires are versions of the 'undead.' The shoes don't look very comfortable, though, even for a woman who is used to wearing heels.

How about some Zombie News, then eh? BoingBoing posted this story about a bunch of protester zombies who were wrongly arrested in Minneapolis two years. The four sued the city and initially lost, but filed an appeal. Rather than face a lengthy trial, the city of Minneapolis just settled the case for $165,000. That can buy a lot of clownwhite, kohl eyeliner and fake blood.

And this week's Zombie Clip of the Week is news report footage from Zack Snyder's excellent 2004 re-make of Dawn of the Dead:

I don't remember if all of this footage was used -- I'll have to go back and watch the movie again -- and I suspect some of it may be fan-made, though I could wrong. But it's fun!

More mindless consumerism... er, uh... I mean cannibalism, soon.

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  1. AND YOU LIVE IN BUCKS COUNTY, HA HA HA. At least you are very very happy. Wealthy, and loving Los Angeles. BTW, I have NEVER been east of the Rio Grande river, never will.