Saturday, September 18, 2010

We're Coming to Get You, Barbara!

Well, since there was no Zombie Zone post last week, I have tons to talk about this week.

In Zombie Films, there were two terrific articles recently (via) about classic two classics of the genre. 

First up, this article by Joe Kane at The Warp, about how casting Duane Jones as the lead in the George A. Romero's original Night of the Living Dead changed the whole timbre of the film. As written, Jones' character Ben was originally a redneck trucker, complete with grammatically poor dialog. Jones insisted that the character appear educated and used the dialog written, but adapted it to 'smarten' Ben up. It's most definitely worth reading and a fascinating look at how the genre came into being.

Then there is this terrific interview in the L.A. Times with Bruce Campbell (damn, he was - and still is - fine!) on how Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead not only launched his, but Raimi's careers. The article is just in time to mark the newly remastered Blu-Ray release of the original 1981 film. Campbell is funny and articulate and the interview is a very fun read.

This week in Zombie Fiction, there is a new trailer for the book "Night of the Living Trekkies" that is both hilarious and gross, and the perfect cross-over for geeks of all kinds (via):

Personally, Uncle P can't wait for the inevitable movie version.

This week in Zombie Science, a Japanese scientist has found a new use for lasers (via):

Of course, why a Japanese scientist was looking to use a laser in this way, remains a mystery to me.

Let's turn to Zombie Art, shall we? The zombie-loving freaks over at BoingBoing shared this amazing typographic poster of a zombie arm, made up of the titles of 978 Zombie Films. Uncle P wishes he had the wall space to buy a copy for himself...

Finally, this week's Zombie Clip of the Week combines Zombie Art, Zombie Films and advertising all in one. The video below is a promotion for the Madrid premiere of the most recent Resident Evil film and is loads of fun, even if it is right out of one of Uncle P's childhood nightmares:

Sleep well, my fellow Zomboids.

More rotten flesh, soon.

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