Saturday, September 4, 2010

Prospero's a Zombie

This may as well be a portrait of Uncle P this evening. I am VERY tired and have loads on my plate, what with a show opening in just three weeks or so... I actually considered not posting tonight, but I couldn't let you down. So, briefly:

In Zombie News, BoingBoing has this story about zombies getting tickets for running red lights. Zombies' legal woes do seem unending, of late.

In Zombie Films, it has been announced that S.G. Browne's novel "Breathers: A Zombies Lament" has been picked up for adaption, produced by Jennifer's Body scribe Diablo Cody and possibly starring Inception's Joseph Gordon Levitt (via). 

And in Zombie Fashion, Uncle P has found a wonderful store for all you fashion-conscious brain chompers, Sour Puss Clothing. If I were a young, obnoxious hipster (kind of like I was in the 80's), I'd be very excited to shop there.

And this weeks' Zombie Clip of the Week is (for those keeping count) Episode 5 of "Zombie College:"

Which begs the question, what does one call Zombie Suicide? Is it even suicide, at all? Too deep for me, in my personal zombified state...
More Brownie Cakes, soon.

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