Saturday, October 9, 2010

Zombie World

 So much to cover after so long away, so let's get started, shall we? First up - a brand new label: Disney Zombies. Uncle P's sister (who celebrated her birthday, yesterday) lives in Florida and is a self-described 'Disney Dork.' She and her husband have super-duper season passes which give them access to just about everything in Disney World and they go often, spending a weekend here and there at different hotels and exploring all sorts of weird and wonderful things. 

On their most recent excursion, they played the Kim Possible* adventure game in Epcot. They were
given special passes and clues that took them all over the park, enabling them to activate different special things with special codes. At one point, they came upon the miniature clockwork in the picture above which when activated, turned the tiny people in the town square no zombies. Sis thought I would enjoy nothing better than this picture she snapped for me.

Somehow, I enjoy this Jesse (from Toy Story) sno-cone cup even more. I suppose it's because it encourages you to take huge bites out of Jesse's frozen, bloody brain. Yum!

Meanwhile, in Zombie Science, Sis also sent me a link to this story on AOL News about real Haitian zombies. It's nothing you probably haven't already read, but still an interesting article.

In Zombie Toys, Gore Galore (a Halloween prop and costume website), offers a line of My Pet Zombies, a series of fairly pricey 6" zombie figures that are fun to look at, even if you can't afford them. And if you can afford them, would you please buy a set for me?

And in Zombie Nonsense, the blog Three Years of Roses has a very funny piece on survival tips, called The Zombie Buddy System. Uncle P laughed out loud more than once. 

Let's not forget Zombie Fashion. The brain-hungry lunatics at BoingBoing recently featured a lovely pair of custom PF Flyers designed by tattooist Mark Lankin. Me likey!

And finally, in a combination of Zombie News and Zombie TV, The L.A. Times had a rather wonderful article about the show we're all drooling to see, AMC's "The Walking Dead," whose premiere is just a few weeks away on Halloween. And that was followed by the maniacs at i09 who posted these two new clips, which will serve as a dual Zombie Clip of the Week, since I was so bad and didn't post anything last week. First up is the latest trailer, followed by a behind-the-scenes interview with actor Jon Bernthal (late of ABC's "Eastwick"), who plays Shane. Enjoy!

If you haven't done so yet, check out my Shocktober series on horror directors over at Caliban's Revenge. I'll try not to be away so long again...

More rotten flesh, soon.

*P.S. "Kim Possible" is the creation of one of Uncle P's high school friends. I'm not bitter or jealous, though. Much...

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