Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is Zomboween

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, and because AMC's "The Walking Dead" premieres tonight, I thought I'd wait until after midnight to post this week's Zombie Zone entry.

And since I've already started talking about Zombie TV, this week's episode of NBC's quirky comedy "Community" was one of its best, ever even if Joel McHale kept his clothes on. Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) buys the school's Halloween Party food at an army surplus store, inadvertently buying an experimental form of rabies along with it, temporarily turning the entire student body in into bite-happy zombies. It was as near a perfect parody of Horror, Sci-Fi and Zombie movies as a half-hour sitcom could be. And even though Joel kept his clothes on, who knew Donald Glover had abs on which one could grate cheese?

My review of "The Walking Dead" will appear on Caliban's Revenge on Monday, but in the meantime you can read this article at New York Magazine. It has a tidbit or two we haven't already heard, though my fellow zombiphiles will appreciate it more than anyone else.

Also in Zombie TV, via Uncle P's sister comes this link to the WWE, which has zombified it's wrestlers for Halloween. And since I'm linking to otherwise non-zombified websites, Sears just moved up a major notch on my list, for having such a great sense of humor and Halloween spirit, by zombifying their website so cleverly. You can check it out here. Funny, hip and irreverent, it's the perfect way for the stodgy old retail veteran to attract young customers. I wouldn't be surprised to see more retailers do something similar next October.

Nominally in Zombie Toys, the brainiacs at BoingBoing have a link to a some Zombie Wound Stickers.Print 'em on sticker stock; cut 'em out and you have an instant Halloween costume (as long you don't sweat too much or have really oily skin, I suppose).And I am ashamed to admit that my favorite Zombie Toy, Teddy Z, did not take part in this very amusing short from BBC3:

And finally, because it's Halloween, here are several Zombie Clips of the Week:


More Apocalyptic speculation, soon.

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