Saturday, December 5, 2009

On Every Zombie's Wishlist

Plenty to chew on this week, so let's get started, shall we?

First, in Zombie Fashion:

Doesn't every fashionable zombie need a good pair of shoes? Michael Burk at ChooseYourShoes creates custom painted shoes (in other words, they ain't cheap) for fun-loving zombies everywhere. Pictured is one of three pairs of zombie shoes he's painted. I don't know that I'd wear these to anything but a Halloween party or a zombie flash mob event, but they're awfully fun (via).

In Zombie Blogs:

Meanwhile, over at Stacie Ponder's Horror Movie blog Final Girl, Stacie has been writing about zombies all week. You can read her best posts here, here and here.

And you may notice I've added a new blog to the list. Zombaritiville is from an anonymous blogger out of Seattle, who writes Zombie lyrics to the tunes of popular songs, with often hilarious results. His latest is "We're Craving Brains Again" sung to the tune of Eurythmics' "Here Comes the Rain Again."

In Zombie Science:

And also via, comes this disgusting little video about Zombie Snails:

And almost finally, in Zombie Nonsense:

I posted this on Caliban's Revenge a while back, but thought it worth posting again. Here's the very talented and hilarious Jonathan Coulton singing "Your Brains" with a live audience in L.A.:

This past week has been rather interesting for your Uncle Prospero and he may have some very exciting Zombie News of his own to report next week. Keep your rotting fingers crossed and send out your best undead vibes...

And please don't forget to send me your Zombie news, links, videos and whatever.

More skull chomping, soon.

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