Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mmmmm... Zombies...

Uncle Prospero's sister has a side-business as a cake maker, which she hopes to one day turn into a full-time career. She makes custom cakes for all occasions. Some of them are quite good. She's done a Pirate Ship cake and a Cheeseburger & Fries cake that are very good. She also does some rather traditional cakes for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. She's not quite up the level of Duff at Charm City Cakes (as seen on "Ace of Cakes") or Buddy at Carlos Bakery (as seen on "Cake Boss"), but she is pretty good. She'll be launching her very own blog soon (which I will link to on Caliban's Revenge). But, to my knowledge, she has yet to make a Zombie cake. Though I'm sure if someone asked her to, she would come up with something rather wonderful, especially since she is nearly as big a Zombie fan as I am.

So tonight in Zombie Pastries, I thought I'd share some very amusing Zombie cakes with you. I particularly love the Hello Zombie Kitty cake I put in the banner. There's just something about the whole Hello Kitty thing that lends itself so well to Zombification. Oh, those wacky Japanese! And of course, there's the brilliant Zombie wedding cake pictured above. I'd like to imagine the couple met at a midnight showing of Dawn of the Dead, and fell in love over Bloody Marys, afterward. And while they could have just gone with a Zombie Cake Topper, this couple went with an all-out Zombie massacre, instead. Still, isn't it nice when couples have things in common?

Anyway, on to Zombie Films. Next week brings us the remake of George A. Romero's 1973 'non-Zombie' Zombie flick, The Crazies, starring Timothy Oliphant and Radha Mitchell. When a lethal virus is unleashed on a small town, the citizens begin to turn into murderous maniacs. Your Uncle P has never actually seen the original (I know - shame on me), but I think the trailer makes the movie look interesting, if nothing else.

In this week's Zombie Clip of the Week, gay porn star Francois Sagat stars in the bizarre film L.A. Zombie from gay 'auteur' Bruce La Bruce. The music is terrible and the plot seems totally asinine. But what can one expect from the maker of such 'masterpieces' as Otto, or Up With Dead People and The Raspeberry Reich?

Really? Would you pay to see that movie? If so, you might want to take stock of the life you're living. Seriously. While La Bruce seems to have garnered a cult following, I honestly can't imagine myself sitting through any of his films in its entirety.

Finally (and a bit sadly), in Personal Zombie Film News:

Just before Christmas, I received a call from Roger Corman's New Horizons Pictures, telling me that they were pitching my Zombie screenplay to SyFy. I was excited and upbeat, especially after speaking with the rep from New Horizons, who seemed very enthusiastic about the script. Yesterday, Uncle P learned that Army of the Dead, was passed over by SyFy for a movie called Sharktopus. I kid you not. Of course, any company that would actually make a movie called Sharktopus is probably not a company with which I would want to do business, anyway. Oh well. If one company was interested, another will be. In the meantime, I will continue to work on my newest Zombie screenplay (working title: Redneck Zombie Nightmare) and hope for the best.

More shambling, soon.

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