Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zombies in Outer Space, Norway and Great Britain

Tonight in Zombie Films:

This very amusing image of Zombie Stormtroopers comes to us via Skull Swap. I love the idea of George Lucas' cloned warriors as Zombies. In the Star Wars universe, the Stormtroopers represent not only their obviously Nazi* namesakes, but their mindless intent on the destruction of their prey. How better than to represents them as Zombies?

Meanwhile, the maniacs over at have posted this interview with director Breck Eisner on his remake of Romero's "non-Zombie" Zombie film The Crazies. While the lamentable Mathew McConaughey vehicle Sahara may have been a complete mess, the trailers for The Crazies have me hoping Eisner may have made up for it. Eisner is next scheduled to make a new version of Flash Gordon and is in talks to direct a remake of the David Cronenberg classic, The Brood.

Also in Zombie Films is this trailer from the 2007 short Zombie Jesus:

Personally, that movie seems kind of silly to me (not to mention sacrilegious, even if I do consider myself an Agnostic).

*And while we're on the subject of Zombie movies and Nazis, I have yet to see the Norwegian Nazi Zombie movie Dead Snow. I have posted about it before on Caliban's Revenge, but am still waiting for its release on DVD.

Mmmmm... Beethoven...

And now, the Zombie Clip of the Week:

From Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Sean of the Dead) comes this hilarious zombie survival guide from their web series "Danger: 50,000 Volts" (language NSFW):

"What up with Unkie Doug?" indeed. And you have to love Pegg's teeth in that clip. So un-British.

And here's Part 2:

So, did you learn anything about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse from those clips? I may have been highly amused, but didn't learn anything I didn't already know about Zombies. Give me a shopping mall over a cabin in the woods, any day.

More Zombie Apocalypse survival tips, soon.

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