Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oxymoronic Titles, les Films Francais, Disney and Coulrophobia

I suppose that since I put up the poster for The Master's latest film, Survival of the Dead, I should start with Zombie Films. Funny, from that linked photo, you'd never guess that kindly-looking older gentleman was the father of a Horror sub-genre about cannibalistic reanimated corpses.

Anyway, Romero's latest entry (his 6th, if I'm counting correctly) has started making the rounds and had a sneak peak in NYC last weekend. It concerns a remote island and the inhabitants' efforts to find a cure for zombiefication so they can bring their loved ones back to life. Survival... has been descibed as a "neo-Western." Here's a clip of an interview with Papa George, talking about making his latest, his first direct sequel which follows a character from Diary of the Dead:

And here's another "Behind the Scenes" clip:

I don't know about you, but Uncle P. is chomping at the bit to see this one (every pun you can think of, intended).

In other Zombie Film news, here's the trailer The Horde, a French zombie movie that was supposed to be released in August of last year. Maybe it slipped by my radar (unlikely), but I didn't hear a word about it:

And since The Crazies was released this past weekend (I'm seeing it on Thursday with my favorite Elf, so watch for my review on Caliban's Revenge, then), I thought I'd pass on this piece about non-Zombie Zombie movies.

And in Zombie Nonsense this week, here's a clip from the Midlands MCM Expo of Disney Zombies:

That clip goes out especially to Uncle P's sister, a self-described "Disney Dork."

And finally, this week's Zombie Clip of the Week:

Regular readers of Caliban's Revenge are by now familiar with the friend I refer to as My Dear D (not his actual picture, though he's certainly what you might call 'hirsute'). D is a brilliant young actor and just about the sweetest guy in the world. He's smart, funny and an even bigger movie fanatic (if you can believe that), than I am (even though I may question his taste, at times). The thing you should know about D, is that he is absolutely terrified of clowns. We were at a Pride event promoting a JTMF show a few years ago. I was talking to someone about the show, when I suddenly felt the back of my shirt being pulled on. I looked behind me and found D cowering in fear, clutching my back in abject terror. Another friend then pointed to the aisle, where a perfectly innocent-looking clown was approaching our table. Now imagine seeing Zombieland with Dear D. The poor boy spent this entire scene with his hands in front of his eyes, missing Jesse Eisenberg's beat-down of the Zombie Clown, something I'm sure he would have probably enjoyed seeing. I hope to some day get him past his coulrophobia, but until then, I will continue to protect him from images such as this one. And D, if you're reading this, I hope you didn't click that last link.

More Zombie Clown Stomping soon,

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