Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Dead Invade Your TV

I had a wonderful dinner with friends tonight, followed a terrific production of a musical with which I was completely unfamiliar (more on both tomorrow at C's R), so I got home a bit late, thus the rather short post this week.

Okay, this story may be a few weeks old, but it's still rather exciting. In Zombie News, it has been announced that Frank Darabont (one of the few directors to successfully translate the work of Stephen King to the big screen) has been given the go-ahead for a six-episode adaptation of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's graphic novel The Walking Dead for cable channel AMC.

For those unfamiliar, The Walking Dead is the story of small-town Kentucky police officer and his family and their attempts to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Dear friends gave Uncle P a bound copy of the full series for Christmas, though I haven't actually had the time to get around to reading it (though I hope to do so, soon).

Darabont's version of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile were terrific and his adaptation of King's novella The Mist, was exceptionally satisfying. He is producing The Walking Dead along with Gale Ann Hurd (James Cameron's former production partner), though I'm not sure that it qualifies as an American Movie Classic. Of course, like every other cable outlet, AMC has been forced to expand its programming in an effort to increase its audience and their first efforts at original programming ("Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad") have proven to be quite good, so I have high hopes for The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln ("Afterlife") has been cast in the lead.

In Zombie Films, Fangoria has a terrific story about Michael Simon's short "Romantic Zomedie," Gay Zombie (not to be confused with this YouTube short). I haven't seen Simon's film, but after reading this article, you know it's on my "Must See" list.

Finally, tonight's Zombie Clip of the Week, Part 2 of the animated series, "Zombie College:"

I'm actually kind of glad I went to a regular college where the students were all alive (well, most of them). I don't think I would have liked to have spent my late teens and early 20's looking over my shoulder to keep from being eaten.

More deliciousness, next week.

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