Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let Them Eat Brains

Not a whole lot going on in the Zombie-verse this week.

There is though, some Zombie Pastries fun: A mom made this 'Zombie Girl' cake for her daughter's 8th birthday. Now, if your read Caliban's Revenge, you already know that Uncle P's sister has a small side business, making custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes. And while many of her cakes are quite good, she has never attempted anything quite like this (though I bet she could kick some Zombie cake ass if she set her mind to it). Of course, she said she thought it was a bit much for an 8year-old, but that really depends on the 8 year-old, doesn't it? I've known some pretty sophisticated 8 year-olds in my day. Mom also made Eyeball Cupcakes for daughter to take to school. How cool (and creative) is this mom? The zombie it that picture reminds me of the monsters on the boxes of those Ratfink hotrod models, all bug-eyed and drooling. And I particularly love the brain. An awful lot of time and effort went into this cake, and it rivals anything I've seen on "Ace of Cakes" or "Cake Boss." View the whole Flicker set here (via).

And because Uncle P was up very late last night writing his glowing review of Kick-Ass, let's get right to this week's Zombie Clip of the Week. This week, a delightful little tale from the Happy Tree Friends. I give you The Happy Tree Friends Halloween Special, "Remains to Be Seen:"

That was fun, wasn't it? HTFs are a delightful group of cartoon forest animals who have all sort sof violent and rather twisted adventures. That little zombie flick was actually quite tame, compared to my favorite HTF adventure. "Let It Slide:"

Twisted, hilarious stuff which anyone with a sense of humor (granted, a dark one) would find amusing because we all know it's make-believe. Much like Kenny on South Park (who counts as a sort of zombie, I guess) comes back for every episode, so do the HTFs, no matter what kinds of horrible things happened to them in the previous episode. The joke isn't in the violence, but in the violence's outrageous excess, much like in Kick-Ass, which I saw and reviewed on Caliban's Revenge last night.

You and I both know that all genre fans are a off our proverbial rockers to some extant, but Zombie fans are a breed unto ourselves and are apt to find humor in things others find frightening and/or repulsive. It's the utter absurdity of the thing that makes it funny, and good absurdist comedy isn't easy. Most of us live proverbial lives of quiet desperation, and the zombie reminds us not only of our own mortality, but allows us to execute the soulless part of ourselves without remorse. A well-executed zombie feeding frenzy can be both disturbing and hilarious, but there is nothing more exceptionally satisfying than the splatter of zombie heads; either by gunfire, defibrillator, explosives or in the blades of a helicopter. Hmm... I can see a new category for next week: Zombie Kills.

Let's grab a bite, soon.

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