Saturday, January 23, 2010

AMC, BBC, Haiti and Other Zombie-bilia

Oddly enough, I have lots to talk about here on the Zombie Zone, tonight. Of course, the fact that I'm home on a Saturday night talking about Zombies instead of being out and meeting potential life partners really says a lot about how lame Uncle P's life has become, of late, doesn't it? Oh, well. It's probably not best to dwell on such things... (sigh).


In Zombie TV:

AMC announced that they will be making a series out of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel "The Walking Dead" (which Uncle Prospero received as Christmas present this year). While I have yet to dive into the graphic novel (I have Stephen King's "Under the Dome" to tackle, first), I am excited to see that the genre will finally get its due on U.S. television, even though the BBC has explored the subject before.

Next, in Zombie Films:

From The Hollywood Reporter comes this news that Jonathan Levin has been hired to write and direct the screen adaptation of author Issac Marion's Warm Bodies:

"In a tone like Twilight-meets-Shaun of the Dead, the story follows an existentially tormented zombie named 'R' who begins an unlikely friendship with the human girlfriend of one of his victims. The blossoming relationship starts a chain reaction that will transform him, his fellow zombies and maybe the whole lifeless world."

Here's the book's trailer (when did books start getting trailers?):

And, in Zombie News:

This story (via) out of earthquake-ravaged Haiti:

Haiti's Head Voodoo Priest Condemns Mass Burials; Fears Zombies

"...the nation's Head Voodoo Priest, Max Beauvoir is strongly objecting to the horrific mass burials on religious grounds. He met with (Haitian) President Rene Preval over the weekend to protest on behalf of the many Voodoo worshipers in Haiti."

And here I always thought it took exotic drugs and a believing victim to make a real zombie...

Finally, from the Gulf Daily News comes this story about "Blackberry Zombies," folks so consumed with their electronic gadgets, they have literally become societal Zombies. Yikes! Is it any wonder they call them "Crack-Berries?" Yet another reason to avoid getting a so-called "Smart Phone."

More shambling, soon.

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