Saturday, May 8, 2010

May is Zombie Awareness Month

This week in Zombie News:

Had I known, I would have posted this last week, but thanks to a friend on Facebook, I just recently found out about Zombie Awareness Month.

According to the Zombie Research Society, May is 'Zombie Awareness Month.' Participants are encouraged to wear gray ribbons in an effort to remind everyone that the Zombie Apocalypse is nigh. Truth be told, your Uncle P welcomes the Zombie Apocalypse. Unlike the Nuclear Apocalypse; the Global Warming Apocalypse or even the Biblical Apocalypse, the Zombie Apocalypse affords Horror Fans, Movie Geeks and Lunatic Fringe Militia the chance to prove their mettle in the face of a nearly unstoppable Army of the Dead (like how I snuck that in there?).

Now here's a video from a fellow who has obviously put way too much time into thinking about the Zombie Apocalypse:

If nothing else, I suppose its a good lesson in weaponry...

And while I linked to a rather awesome picture of a Spider-Man tattoo in last week's Zombie Ink post, in no way did I mean to reference a tattoo of the Marvel Zombies version of Spider-Man as seen in this abomination (via). Really? You spent your hard-earned cash to have that image permanently inked onto your skin? Buddy, they saw you coming a mile away.

Finally, this week's Zombie Clip of the Week:

Scott risks being devoured so Zelda (oh, how I love a Fitzgerald reference) can have some brownie cake. Now that's true love. It also amuses me that sexual ambiguity and Zombies seem to go together, perfectly. I wonder why that is?

More selfless acts of flesh-eating, next week.

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